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Compliance Purchase Plan

Our Vet Practice offers bespoke purchase plans for the recommended products offered to you by our Vet Practice for the wellbeing of your pet.   These “compliance” plans are created and purchased through our online store.  Our Vet Practice, when creating the compliance plan, will email you an invitation to purchase the vet’s recommendations that would have also been placed in your shopping basket at the same time.  If you wish to purchase the recommended compliance plan, please check-out and make the purchase as normal.  If not – then in the “view basket tab” use the drop down box to set the number to zero and save changes, removing the compliance plan from your shopping basket.


You will be able to see your payment history in your Vet Practice online store account for compliance plans under “repeat purchases”.  


The compliance plans will have a first payment/order date that could be sometime into the future, and then the repeat purchase intervals start after that date.    The invitation created by our Vet Practice will automatically be removed if you do not complete the purchase by the first payment/order date of the compliance plan.


You will be sent an order confirmation email by our Vet Practice with each individual “future” purchase. 


The purchase cost of goods may change up to 7 days before the next payment is due.   You are notified by email about any price change.  


If payment fails to be made by your card, you will be notified by email from Worldpay.   Worldpay will try once a day for three days to take payment.   The sale of any product is not completed unless payment is made and an order confirmation email received.


You are able at any time to enter the worldpay system online (following the simple instructions they give you upon creation of the agreement) and enter a different credit or debit card.   This would be necessary if your card expires or you wish payment to come off a different card at anytime.  If the Future pay agreement is still in place, outstanding payments will be taken from your new card within 24 hours of it being inputted into the Futurepay agreement.


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